Surnames - Baker
Cathrine & Andrews Wedding Nov 1998
Andrews Birthday Party

Cathrine Clare Baker (nee: Brassett)
Born in Manly, Sydney, Australia - 20th June 1975.

G'day from Down Under.

I lived the first 26 years of my life in North Curl Curl, Sydney, Australia and recently have moved to Erskinville, Sydney.

My Dad, Doug Brassett, is from Finsbury Park and my Mum, Carol Brassett (formerly Bull) is from Islington. My parents moved to Australia in 1969. I understand them to have come over on a ticket organised by the Australian government to try and encourage immigrants. They arrived in Western Australia and ended up on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. (When they get around to writing up their profiles they can fill you in with details…this was long before I was even a consideration).

So back to me, born 20/06/1975. I am the second of two girls. My older sister Joanne Elizabeth Brassett was born 10th March 1973.

In 1978 we visited England. This time is probably my earliest memories. I can probably assume this is the first time I saw snow (it was at Christmas time). Growing up in Australia meant that we didn't have any relatives so therefore these times were very important to me.

My Granddad, John Bull, came to live with us after that trip. I was 3 years old. He lived with us until I was 16; he passed away in 1991.

Although we didn't have family in Australia Mum and Dad met some wonderful friends and they became our family.

My entire schooling I attended St Lukes, which is located in Dee Why.

We went back to England again in 1986 but this time visited Disney Land, New York and traveled around Europe. This trip was for 6 weeks. I have very good memories of this trip. Joanne and I were asked to be bridesmaids at Lynne Brassett's wedding.
Finished high school in 1992 went on to do a course in Tourism and Hospitality for 2 years. Worked for AT&T for 6 months. This is where I met Andrew, my husband. We went out for about 3 years and got married 14/11/98.

In the past 4 years I've traveled overseas 4 times to visit friends and family. Toronto (Canada), Colombia (South America) London, Ireland, and America.

At time of writing (15/07/2002), my sister Joanne is living in London, my Mum and Dad are still living in North Curl Curl, Andrew and I are in Erskinville. I am starting a job next week with a training company as Sales Account Manager. Andrew and I occasionally talk about starting a family, so will keep this updated if anything eventuates.