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Helen Medeiros

Kaelyn Angel Burrows
Kaelyn Angel Burrows is my eldest daughter, Rachael's 4th child and first daughter. She our my 5th grandchild, born on January 9th, 2003 ...it would have been my parent's 66th wedding anniversary. Of course they died 12 and 8 years ago.anyway...... isn't she lovely? am I biased or is she one of the prettiest little baby girls ever? haha yes, yes, I know your baby girl is the prettiest and your baby granddaughter is the prettiest but just let me brag for another moment will you? WHAT A DOLL! Kaelyn Angel Burrows aged 2 weeks. love to you all. Helen, the proud grandma Medeiros.

Helen and Maureen
Though i am not proud of my 'looks' i am proud of my sisters and my wonderful relationship. I am on the left and she on the right with longer hair. this was taken January 2003 when I visited Maureen in Toronto......it was FREEZING there..... Helen