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Front Page News from 2006
2nd January 2006

Created Grant's Room and set up link to his We Boiz site
Modified Kerry's Room and set up link to her site's
Modified Kirt's Room making it one page instead of two
Set up links for Kerry's birthday pictures
Set up links for Grant's 18th pictures
Tidyed up some links to make it easy to move around the site

Front Page News from 2005
31st December 2005

Well this is a first, here I am sitting in Torrevieja in Spain its New Years Eve 9.11am its bright and sunny and a lot hotter here than it is in England.

I updating the web-site and will load all this up on my return on the 4th Jan,

With it having taken us nearly 20 hours to get here we have had a crazy first two day 2 Cars, The view far from what was expected and in the middle of a building site, which just happens to include Simon and Lynn's place.

We expected to have to come and find it not be 100 yards away from it. but with 5 more to go thisgs can ony get better

Anyway I hope to get some bits done on the site in the next few morning which bubbles is in his pit and its nice a quiet.

13th December 2005

Well i have gone a bit mad and done loads of stuff over the past 24 hours
Front Page
updated and added some Christmas Stuff, also some flags of other countries where Brassett Family live. I will add some link as well soon.
Links Page
I finally got the links sorted out some still dont work and i have added and updated some others. Any Brassett who has at ink from the links page to them, please let me know if it does not work or it changes in teh future.
Some page headers have changed as well which will make it better to navigate around the site, nearly all the pages have the smae type of header now so your should find it eary to get around.
Some of the highlighted links on teh surname page were not working due to some smaee codeing error, I have sorted that out now so all should be ok.

12th December 2005

Well I have had a few troubles getting time to update teh site but having sorted that out now i hoep to update on a regular basis in the new year having decided to set aside one day each month to update as much as i can.

Family Search
This has been very quite at present, im not sure why things have just slowed down. In the new year I am going to take a trip to the Cencus Centre and get into finding this link that must be out there that brings the family in the UK together. I feel this is in and around the 1700's so i just have to find it

I have loads of party photo's to upload to the site, and will have some more after this friday when Grant Orborn my nephew has his 18th Party.
Also thanks to Micheal and Heidi for sending pic of their new home in the Philippines it look a great place, There is a link to their web-sute so you can see the pics they have taken of there palace in paradice.

General Tidy Up
I will be giving the site a general tidy up, I started this early in the year and did not get around to finishing it, Things like updating links, adding some colour putting names and places together so its far easier to find things. Also adding in more thing about parts of the family who dont have the Brassett name.

August 2005

WellI really have to get back into this site, things have overtaken me once again with the football season now starting once again.

So trying to bring things up to date, I have now joined Enfield Football Club as secretary for the Under 18's Team. My nephew Grant Osborn made is 1st team debut for Enfield at Buntingford two weeks ago, a rally proud monent for all the family who turned out to see him come on as a second half substitute. he them got his first start in the game against Haringey Borough 5 days later.

Mick & Heidi Brassett have posted on the forum info on their house thats being build in Pangasinan,Philippines. take a look at his impressive creation visit his msn group via

The Summer also saw regulare email's between London and New Zealand, with friendly banter aboout the performance of the British Lions Tour.
Even though things did not go to well for us boys in the North, it seem all who travelled to NZ had a good time, al few mates coem back loving the place

Web Spaces
Various web spaces have apprared around the family, either on MSN Groups or MSN My Spaces or yahoo Groups.
If you create a space on a site let me know and I will add a link to it from this site so we can all look at your own creations.
This is a great way to get things onto teh net a lot quicker. Party Pics, Days out, summer Holiday ptoto's. stick them on your space or send them to me and we can get them on the internet

Family Search
I have had a few messages over the past 2 months from people having a link with the Brassett family in some way or other.

Lt Col (Ret) Harry Nash, CF contacted me as he may have a connection to us via the Denny Family. He has traced his roots back to Ireland.but provided me with a nice picture of the Denny family crest on a Ring.

Sara Poyntz got in touch in teh past few days with a connection to the Brassett Family in Essex, we are following that up and trying to get her details put into the family tree as some a new contacts

Birthday List
My Birthday list is coming along, I am tyring to get everyones birthday on a list and see if we can get everyone currently connected to the Brassett Family on the list. I will send out the current list in teh next few weeks

E Mail Addresses
having lost my email list thing are now getting back to normal with various people getting in touch, the list is coming back together so we can all keep in touch once again.
What made this more improtant was the Bommings in London when I was trying to see if everyone was ok, the email list paid off with contact being made via the net when mobile and land line phones in London were not working.
Send me a short message with your email address so i can add you to teh list.

April 2005

Well what can I say, Its been so long since I found the time to do anything on the site. There is no point in me trying to explain whats been holding things up.

Anyway the main thing is I have found myself a job with a football company called UK Footy.and as I am working from home I may have some time during te day to do a regular update on the site, this I hope will take only a few minutes each day.

A few other things I should let you know is I have lost all the email addresses for the Brassett Family, so please email me on rob@brassett.net letting me know your address and i can once again get a list together.

Another thing is the search for family, it has not gone verey much further than it was about a year ago. So I will try to get back into that in the next few months.

Along with that I have left Cheshunt FC, Given up the Youth Section as well, rejoined the 8th Enfield Scout Group as Secretary, and also taken on an allotment as well.

So thats about it for know, more to come in a few days.

Front Page News from 2004
July 2004
Well its finally here the latest update, I have been hard at it over the past few days, There are a number of changes, with the style being the most common change, and a small increase in the font size as well to assist us Brassett's who need It.

I have also been hard at work checking the Family tree section that is now located on genealogy.com

Robert's Tree Maker

If you find you are not mentioned on the site let me know. I still have loads of names to add so you may well be one of them but you also could be missed off the list so email me and I can double check

Michael & Heidi
Michael has been sending me stuff and I have finally got around to getting it all in the right place. There is a Link to his web-site, Change Profile Page, Link in Family Pics, as well as some colour changes

Changed Style on Photo pages
To many to mention take a look and let me know what you think.
I'm Happy to receive a profile / CV style thing from anyone. I would like to build up a Brassett who's who within the profile pages this would be a great thing for the future Brassett's to come seeing as it's a good chance the Internet is going to be around for a while

Set Up Kerry's Room
My niece Kerry Osborn now has her very own page on the Internet and this will be update as soon as I can show her how to do it herself. At present I will be updating it for her as she sends me information.

Surname List update
I have added another 20 surnames to the list today. I you are connected to the family in some way and are not mentioned then please get in touch with me. I will be more than happy to add you to the list and include any information on you family on this site.

So many links have moved over the past few days I cannot remember all the different things I have done. So take a look around the site for yourself and let me know what you think.

June 2004
Over the next few days some major updating will be done, I am putting up as may photo's and other bits as I can, with some maps of our origin places as well as some links to sites for those areas.

So as I have a small gap between the end of the football season and the start of Euro 2004 I can get some more things up and running.

I anyone has any ideas then please get in touch with me and we will put them into action

Friday 23rd April
Its St George's Day and what better reason do I need to update the web-site.

Site updating going a bit slow at present, you may have noticed a few changes, mainly to the menus, I am hoping to get the whole web-site updated during the summer as that when I have my break from football

I have now found an even quicker way to update to I should be able to add things daily so if you have anything you want to see on the site then just let me know

Monday 5th April 2004
Yes as you can see I have changed the front page of the site, I'm just playing around with some ideas, and be assured it will happen again until I'm happy with it.
So if you want your say them lets me know by email to rob@brassett.net and I will taken your views on board.
Just remember I did not like is so don't as to go back as it's all been deleted, except for a 2 week old back/up.


Main Page Changed
Cheshunt Stuff Changed
Heading Changed
Footer Changed
Background Colour Added
Update Message
Strand Section pages 1 through to 6

Thursday 1st April 2004

Yes I know is says that below as well but somehow that update never happened. Anyway I have found a nice easy way to update things on here. so in future I can get things onto the net much quicker.

Good News its nearly Easter so loads of Coccy eggs

My little Cuz Catherine is coming over to England from OZ

Jo is once again about to off round the world this time to LA then Budapest

I typed Brassett into Goggle and it found 2,820 hits in 30 seconds
and I'm going to have a look at them all and report back, some of us Brassett's are getting our name on the net more than others and I want to find out whom so after looking at the Goggle hit list I will display a top 5 of Brassett's with the most hits

Family Search
Has anyone come up with any new leads to the origins of connection of this family of ours, Take a look at http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/b/r/a/Robert-E-Brassett/index.html?Welcome=1080904224
if your not on the list or your know other that are not on the list please let me know. I want all the help I can get in bringing the list up to as full as it can be.

I want to compile an album of headshots of all the Brassett family members I can find, maybe looking as each other will help we may have similar features anything it would be interesting I think so send your head shots in JPEG format please to rob@brassett.net with your name and date of birth

Link Up
I am now on Yahoo Messenger my ID is rbrassett, I would like to be able to talk to other family around the globe and it's a lot friendlier than sending emails back and forth all the time. so send me a message and I will add you to my friend's list

Interesting facts
I anything interesting happening to you, more for the younger family really have you passed all your exams and want us to know, won a sports trophy and want to show off to us all, let me know and ill add you to the list. adding to that a Brassett Honours List, let me know what you have won, been awarded with or achieved. and I will create a Roll of Honour.
"We are a only here for a shot time" someone said to me recently.
"so we have to make the most of it while we can"

This web-site can be a lasting memory for all Brassett's and family connected with Brassett, Brassit, Brasset, Brassard, and Brasstad to name a few as well as the many other surnames we have associated with this family name. Let me have as much information as you want I will find space for it here and we along with other will have access to it forever - well as long as the web keeps going anyway.

Rob over and out

Sunday 14th March 2004

1723 visitors to the site at the time of typing this,
Sorry it has been some time since the last update, but I have been very busy with the football club paperwork. We may get promotion once again the season so I have to keep on top of things off the pitch while my manager does so on the pitch.

Thursday 1st January 2004


Front Page News from 2003

Tuesday 30th December 2003
For those of you who know him his Birthday is on NEW YEARS EVE and to those who don't even though he is not related to any of us, he has been granted Associate Membership of the Brassett Family for services above and beyond the call of a normal friend.

I have added some photos of this special friend of ours to the photo album.

Bubbs is so much part of the family he even get his own invites to family parties and weddings.


Thursday 25th December 2003


Tuesday 23rd December 2003
Surname Links I have added some details on the surnames connected with the Brassett Family.
Coat of Arms Description
Motto Translated in Modern English
Baker, Brinton, Denny, Easton, Howard, Knowles
Counter Codes I have updated the counter codes for the web-site, we are now close to reaching 2000 visitors to the site

Friday 12th December 2003
Northaw Football Section - It's our 70th Birthday so forgive me I know it's not a Brassett thing
Some re-coding of Photo Album

Saturday 6th December 2003
Chris & Jacquie's Wedding Photo's
Michael & Heidi's Wedding Photo's
Photo of Michael's 2 sons Ian, David & Nick Brassett

Things I am doing over the next few weeks
Adding links in the surnames list to web-site with that name, this is with the hope someone else with that surname will contact us with information.

Wednesday 29th October 2003
Chris and Jacquie Wedding photos

The wedding went great and we have all recovered. Chris and Jac would like to thank everyone for making it such a great day.

Wednesday 22nd October 2003
Saturday 25th October
Christopher Brassett & Jacquie Hatch
Brassett Wedding of the Year

After so long together we cannot remember this happy pair have decided to get married, don't ask me why IT MUST BE LOVE (as Madness said)

Photos will appear here some time next week when I have returned to the land of the living after all the drink I intend to have on Saturday Night

Friday 10th October 2003
Well after so long here goes an update of the web-site. I don't know if its all going to work so I would be very grateful if you could let me know about any problems you may find.

email me rob@brassett.net


Wednesday 24th September 2003
Today's efforts
Well I have had loads of trouble loading this site up due to HTML trouble, I have had to take the site off line today as I cannot get it to work correctly
Loads of re-coding
Added Aunty Pat's 60th Birthday Photo's
Added Clark Family Photo File in Photo's
Added Mum, Dad, Jack, Nan and Granddad to Memorial Section
Added Moon and Mars Pictures to Photo's
Updated Robert Football Profile

Monday 28th July 2003
Today's efforts

Enfield Supporters Team Hut Move in Robert Football Section
Spell Checked Loads
Kerry's 10th Party in Photo Album
East London Photo's linked up to Strand 2 in Family Tree

Sunday 27th July 2003
Everything should be working ok now, I can now get up to date with the backlog of things I want to add to the site.

Today's efforts

Moving Kirt's Room into profiles
Adding My Football Grounds Site not fully linked yet
Updating Northaw Site via Robert Football
Updating Enfield Supporters Section in Robert Football Section
Scanned in loads of old Photos
Barry's Party - Finally in Photo Album
Linked up Catherine Profile with Catherine & Andrew Wedding Photo

Wednesday 23rd July 2003
Jo in Africa - Joanne has been travelling around Africa and has her own web pages with words and pictures all designed by brother in law Andrew Baker. I have put in a link to Jo's pages, its in the photo Album section

(Andrew was also a great help to me in getting this site started so take a look)

Photo Album - This is getting bigger all the time with stuff coming in from everywhere.

Things have also moved on since I bought a digital camera, this has made it a lot easier to get photo's onto the site.

Keep sending me photo's I would be interested in getting some older pictures if possible (baby Pictures) to add to the family tree section.

If you cannot scan them and send by email, contact me and I will make some arrangements to get them done.

Sunday 11th May 2003
Two update's in a day Things are getting good, But don't get used to it as I am sure it will not last to long

Adam Ellen Christening (Photo Album)
For those who don't know how the Ellen Family fit in small Family Tree Lesson

John Brassett below descends from John Brassett,Preston Bissett, Bucks - Born abt 1669

Father - John Brassett
Mother - Phyllis Davies
.......Mother - Dianne Brassett
.......Father - Paul Ellen
................- 1st Child - Ami Ellen
................- 2nd Child - Adam Ellen

Sunday 11th May 2003
Profiles (Added Don Brassett
Fantasy Football League (link added)
World Cup Section (changed to Football Comps)

Saturday 10th May 2003
Well I'm not really sure what happening to me but here goes another update

Robert in Prague (Robert's Profile)
Robert in Poland (Robert's Profile)
Joanne in Africa (Newsletter Section)
Doug and Carol in the Pacific )Photo Album)
Carol's New Arrival (Photo Section)
Xmas 2002 in Kings Lynn (Photo Section)

Monday 5th May 2003
Well as you may have noticed most of what I typed below on March 9th did not happen.
That was mostly due to my Football Team Cheshunt reaching 3 cup finals and winning the Ryman League Division 2 title. (photo's available soon) So even though we still have 2 finals to play I have stolen a few hours to get the site updated a little.

You may have wondered were the newsletter has got to, well its on its way, and should be out soon, as you can see from the above I have been busy and hope to catch up over the next few months

New Editions
Message from - Helen Erridge (nee Brassett) in New Zealand
Hello all you Brassett's out there. My brother who lives in Sydney and his wife has had a little boy named Rian Kurtis.
He was born on the 26/3/03.My brothers name is Ian and his wife is Regi
Message from Helen Medeiros in Bermuda
Kaelyn Angel Burrows is my eldest daughter, Rachael's 4th child and first daughter. She our my 5th grandchild, born on January 9th, 2003
(there is a photo of Kaelyn in Helen's Photo's via the Photo Album)

Sunday 9th March 2003
I don't believe it has been nearly two months since I have updated the web-site, sorry for that I have been busy with my football work. I have added some photos to the album and reorganised the Album into to sort of order.
I have added some birthdays to that section of the site I have in the past put birthdays on the newsletter but it takes a lot of work keeping up with everyone, so from now on I will put them on the Birthday page on the web-site if I am sent a reminder.
I will be sending out a new newsletter sometime during the week starting 10th March, thanks to all that have sent me stuff.

Sunday 19th January 2003
Well I have got round to updating the site it's been a hard few weeks with everything else going on. Thanks to those of you who have sent me photo's, I have some that need scanning in I will be doing this over the next week or so

I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas and New Year Celebrations don't forget the send me your photo's

I have added a connection to Familytree.com via our Family Tree section this is an easier way for me to get charts and tree information onto the site, look out for this over the next few days

Newsletter 17 will be out some time around the end of January start of February. So if you have anything to include send it to me soon

4th January 2003
Web-site update and some changes
I have made some changes to the web-site over the past few days, with some more photo's added and a few links to other Brassett site's or connections.

I am well on the way to adding the Family Tree section
Yes I know I have said that before, but this time it is on its way
Front Page News from 2002
25th December 2002

This Message from BOB missed the Newsletter and as it is Christmas who better than to lead us with a message at this time of the year


Dear Brassett Family and Friends,

As I stood and sang "Joy to the World" in church a couple of Sundays ago, I began to worship. You see, it's easy to make Christmas carols as the perfunctory ritualistic harmonic expression of the holiday season.

But somehow, in the divine intersection of the worship team, unseen angels, a set of congregates pouring out their hearts to the Lord, and God's presence in the room, I made the words and music my own, and surrendered them as an offering.

"Joy to the world the Lord is come...let earth receive her King... let every heart prepare Him room...and heaven and nature sing... and heaven and nature sing...and heaven, and heaven and nature sing."

I get to Christmas Eve each year thankful for the curious, subtle, and surprising in-breaks of God that illumine His goodness and dispense His grace, and lament that they were too few.

However, this year I remember that "joy" that I cannot fully define and have not fully accessed gives me something else to shoot for as a life pursuit.

This year I remember that "the Lord is come" is not poor grammar, but a resounding piece of practical theology in four small words... He is here, He is near, He is with us still...forever and always.

As I click through our e-mail list, I'm realising afresh the richness of our family and friendships, and how time and distance cannot erase what you continue to mean to us.

Merry Christmas,
loved ones, from the Brassett family
(Victoria., Canada branches) !

Rob, Sue, Bill, Paul, Chris, Heather, Chantal, Kiana, Noah, Isaiah. Sophia

6th November 2002
Message from New Zealand

Hi there Robert

well, my new grandchildren are finally here, born to our son Paul Gregory and his wife Melanie Jane. There were born this morning six weeks prematurely.

They are all well and healthy, and Paul & Melanie are over the moon.

Sophie Louise was delivered first at 9.08am weighing 3lb 11oz and Bradley Ryan was delivered at 9.11am weighing 3lb 15oz.

You can view my darlings at
View New CADE Family Twins

Diana & Lex

5th November 2002
Happy Firework Night
Today is the day, Still putting things together but its about time for a new update.

Just to bring things up to date on the search for Brassett or Brasset Family all over the world, along with our cousins in Canada we are now on the trail of the Spanish, Italian and France Brasset (note only one (t) in the spelling) Family. They are out there and the finding of a Simon de Brasset of Genoa in Lyon, France back in 1493 looks to bring a connection to Europe for some of the Brasset family in Canada.

Who knows it may have been the European Brasset Family that ended up in England along with the extra (t) years later, if Simon travelled from Italy to France why not travel to England, I have no proof of this but it does give everyone something to think about.

It is becoming harder to put the newsletter together on a regular basis, with my commitments at the Football Club taking up so much of my time, I am going to have to look at the possibility of dropping it in favour of a more regular update on the web-site and then a message telling you all about the update.

In this web-site update you will find a Newsletter page, with copies of the entire previous newsletter easy to access in WORD, if you have trouble opening them let me know and I will come up with some other way.

Anyway I may have to see if I can do the newsletter only 2 or 3 time a year, if you still want it?. Information is coming in but at a slow rate so I could put anything new on the web-site quicker.

Please take a look at the Surnames page, If your name does not appear and you have a connection to the Brassett Family in any form let me know and I will add you to the list.
For further details contact: surname@brassett.net

28th October 2002
More updating today, decoded to hold off on the upload as its not really ready for full viewing as of yet

I really want to get some more type onto the site as it becoming a photo gallery and I don't just want it to turn into that. I have some time over the next week or so to get more type into sections that need it so I am going to hold off

of course you will not notice the hold up as I am not uploading this but you can a least see from this I have been working hard.

26th October 2002
Looks like the update may be delayed it gone mid-night and loads to do, Need sleep

25th October 2002
I have spent all day today putting loads of stuff together for the site mainly photos of the family and some football bits tagged onto my profile.

Take a good look around there may be a few surprises for some people and some memories for others.

Web-site Information
I will be emailing out a profile form in the next week or so, that will ask for information I need to update the tree before it goes onto the site.

This is taking some time but mainly due to the fact that I have had contact with some new Brassett Family members and they have provided me with more information for inclusion.

What I can say is that the Tree will be in Excel Spreadsheet form and will be printable, but I must inform you it takes up loads of paper and is not really a good idea.

I can take parts of it and send it to you if you wish, so you have a record of your part of the tree, just let me know what you want as soon as the file is up on the site.

We have two members in the BIG BRASSETT HOUSE and they both came through there first task with flying colours.

Chris and Barry managed between to two of then managed to clear 3 trays, 2 plates, 5 serviettes and a salt pot from the local Indian Restaurant. Without the owner noticing a thing. The Items have been returned. A plastic bag on the doorstep two days later being the method of delivery.

Their next task will take place in the near future.

Fantasy Football League
Looks to be going well, but I would say that I'm sitting on top of the league as of today 26th October. I'm working on a way to display the league on the site without anyone being able to change the profile.
I cannot just display the league table. Any ideas.

1000 visitors
In 15 months of having the site up and running we have had over 1000 visitors, for the stato,s out there I do have the exact details of all the hits we have received and will produce a link to the graph at some time in the future.
If you are looking for information on the Brassett family or have information that you feel may be of interest to us. Please feel free to contact me at any time as I am always happy to exchange my telephone number with any other Brassett Family member after the first email contact has bee made
For further details contact: rob@brassett.net