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Brassett United

Lawrence Frederick,
born in Stepney,East London,England - 12th Jan.1933

I Was 6 yrs. old, when the 1939-1945 war broke out. Suffered the hell heaped upon us during the 'Blitz'.
Lost a lot of good school and family friends through the German bombing.

Started work in engineering in 1947.

Started National Service at Padgate, Warrington, Lancs., 4th. April 1951, with the R.A.F. Trained, after initial 'square-bashing', as an Airframe Mechanic, to Leading Air Craftman status.

Demobilised 3rd. April 1953.

Returned to engineering. Left due to disatisfaction with job.

Became a 'Safe Remover' { very legitimate and above board with The Ratner Safe Co.}14 months.

Started work with Henley's,Telegraph and Wireless Co.of London and Gravesend,Kent,which later became A.E.I. {Associated Electrical Industries}. Rose to the position of top Cable Jointer, capable of working on 500,000 volt {500kV} cables and gear. Enabling me to work, both in the U.K. and abroad.
I worked from start to its completion on the Electrification of the Railway from Gillingham to Ramsgate/Margate-Folkstone/Dover lines, spending many happy times in Faversham, Kent. Scotland's first Neuclear power station, at Chapel Cross at Annan, on the Solway Firth.
Installed the first Oil Filled Cable on a contract at Conception, in Chile, Sth. America, where we was, I suppose at the time, Ambassadors for our Company and at the same time became minor celebrities. Making the Newspapers in Conception and up in the Capital Santiago. We were invited to all sorts of functions and 'does' including one by the British Ambassador of the day in Santiago. Enough, enough! Back to the C.V.

Worked on a massive Hydro Electric scheme in Quebec, Canada, way up the St. Lawrence at Baie Como and spent an even happier time of my life, on loan by my Company, to The Jersey Electricity Company in the Channel Islands, where I met a young girl from Wakefield, West Yorkshire, who was also working there, we met, fell in love and did all the things that young lovers did in those days. Her name was Judith, we married, are still married over 40 years and yes, I still love her.

When the time came to leave Jersey, we found it easier and cheaper to settle in God's own County of Yorkshire, where we have lived and chose to remain living, to bring up our family.

We had three children, Stephen Andrew, who was born in Jersey C.I. on 18th. Feb. 1962. Susan Ann, who was born in Wakefield, W.Yorks. 16th Sept.1966 and James Anthony, born also in Wakefield, W.Yorks. 3rd.Oct. 1975.

Stephen died whilst having a brain tumor removed at the age of 22 after a successful education, reaching a B.A. Hons. at Liverpool University.

Susan, is now married to Michael Buxton and has her own little 'clan' of Buxton's, Holly, born Wakefield, W.Yorks. 29th. May 1994, Joshua, born Wakefield, W.Yorks. 26th Feb. 1996, Charlott Emily, born Wakefield, W.Yorks. 21st. July 1997 and Thomas, born Wakefield, W.Yorks. 31st Aug. 1999.

My hobbies:- D.I.Y. I am a great believer that if someone else can do a job, if I apply myself, I also can do that job, if not as good but at most, better than most 'Cowboys' that are around today calling themselves Tradesmen. Gardening, following Football, mostly the downtrodden like my local team Ossett Albion, who next year are relegated to the Northern Counties East from the Conference, Barnsley, where I took my son James to see his first professional football and my old team I have supported since the 1948/49 season, Chelsea F.C. Not so much from the terrace these days, but from T.V. Although we did go to see their last games they played at Wembley, before they closed the old place down, with a good drubbing of Newcastle and Man. U.

Reading over 'wot I have just rote' is more like a biography than a C.V. so I had better draw the line across and sign off.