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Robert Edward Brassett,
born in Bermondsey, South London, England - 1st Aug.1961.

Father Ronald Edward Brassett
Mother Doreen May Easton

Spouse -
Married -

Occupation - Landscape Gardener
Occupation - Drivers Mate
Occupation - BOC Limited 14 years
Occupation - Stock Coltroller
Occupation - Football Admin
Occupation - www.ukfooty.net
I lived the early part of my life in Southwold Road, Lower Clapton, East London, and went to Southwold Road School we moved to Downham Road, North London when the council knocked down our flat to build modern houses.

My brother Chris was born in December 1964 while we were at Southwold Road, Sister Lynn came along just after we moved to Downham Road in July 1968.

Moving saw the three of us going to the same school Rotherfield, Lynn in the nursery Chris in the infants and me just in the juniors.

In 1972 I left Rotherfield School and went to Upton House Secondary School, Urswick Road, Hackney.

September 23rd 1973 was the day of my confirmation, On returning from the Church we had a visit from the police to say Dad had a heart attack on the tube while travelling home from work and had died before getting to the hospital. He was only 47 years old

Soon after we moved from out flat in Downham Road to a House in Eleanor Road, Hackney not to far from our former home at Southwold Road.

In 1976 we were on the move again to Edmonton, North London this took us closer to Mum's family, Granddad had been was ill and mum wanted to be closer to him.

This year also saw me leave school, I worked for Coca Cola as a drivers mate, then I did landscape Gardening, before joining BOC Limited in November 1977, I left in 1992 after being there for 15 years.

I started on a 6 month Job Training Scheme getting 26.00 a week, The scheme was planed to give me work experience with the view to the company taking me on after the 6 months (I was the 1st on the scheme in the whole country) and the only one every to be taken on by BOC after the 6 months.

1976 also saw mum meet Jack Albon and they married in 1977, this saw us move again this time to Ponders End, Enfield, Middlesex. After being married for just over a year Jack died of cancer once again leaving mum on her own.

For years I had been travelling every week to Ponders End as a member of the 8th Enfield Scouts Group.

It was during this this I fell in love with someone very special, we were to young and things were great but it was never really going to work, There is still a place in my heart for her and that will always be (first love and all that). Someone else came into my life around this time as well, Mum said ask her out my head said why not, but I never did. and sitting here today I know what I missed.

Chris went into the Army for 5 years after leaving School and married, while based in Germany, his son Steve was born before they married, Daughter Kayleigh was born while they were in Germany.

While he was in Germany a fellow squadie Simon had taken a liking to Lynn and in was not long before they were married and starting a family of there own.

1990 saw a big change in the life of Chris, Lynn and myself when mum died of Motor Neurone disease, she had been ill for a while, in the end she needed help with everything as her muscles just wasted away, but through this she always knew what was going on as it did not effect her mind.

In October 1992 with BOC making me redundant I found myself out of work having been with the company for 14 years It has been hard to find full time work since that time and in recent years with my eye sight getting worse it has been harder

I have not been idle, I've done a Bar and Cellar Management Training Course (anything to get close to lager), Stock Checking in the Dairy, Building Coldrooms and Fridge's on a scale a bit to big for the kitchen, and I have passed my CLAIT training course in WORD, EXCELL and ACCESS, I hope to take the European Computer Diving Licence Course in the near future.

The start of 2001 saw my sight recognised as a disability and I am now officially partially Sighted with Congenital Nystagmus Myopia

My latest achievement has bee getting this web-site going, I'm in the process of learning HTML to make the job easier.