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August 2007

Well here we are once again and i must say its getting harder to find the time to keep the web site up to date and i turn with
all thats going on withing the Brassett Family all over the world
So am making some suggestions


There is a large number of family members on facebook so why not come on there and join up with everyone that may get things going quicker


My email address for anything to do with the Family and the web-site is mail@brassett.net. Your are free to contact me at all times o that address and if i can assist i will do and put any of your family searching or question right to the best of my knowledge

Family History

Some information has coe to lght that may well push the Preston Bissett, Fringford, Chetwode section of te family back another few generations.
Some time ago I received some nformation from Philip Brassett that contained names of Brassett family members back into the 1500 through to the traced 1660.

Recently some information came through from Yvonne in Australia that seems to confrm a large amount of what Philip sent to me and pushed this section back a few years. I will add these names to the Family Tree in the next few weeks.

Sections of the Southminster Brassett family in Essex, Has our surname spely as Brasted. A search on the internet came up with a Village in Kent named Brasted. and there web-site www.brasted.co.uk I have contacted a few people with regards to checking if there is any connection to the Family name. What I did decover was a Brasted train station that closed in the 1960's and is not covered by the M25.
Some photos are on the Brasted web-site

December 2006

Well the web site has had some changes and I hope over the next few weeks will get some more as I have some ideas to change the way the photo's are viewed and also how to make the backgrounds of the pages look much better. I am also looking to re-introduce the newsletter and catch up with many of you. I have now recovered the newsletter email list from the old computer. With some new coding I am close to getting some music and video clips on the site as well,which will make things look much better as well. Away from the family sections of the site I have been busy adding some football stuff on the back of the site as well


Will get you to the new Brimsdown Rovers Football Club web site. Brimo play their football in the Spartan South Midlands League in England
and are based in Enfield in North London. I have also been adding a section on Futsal which at present is taking over a large part of my life at present Information can be found on futsal all over the place, I am looking to turn this section of the web-site into a hub for links and information

Will carry links and connection for futsal all over the world.If you have a futsal team, run a futsal league, play futsal or want to play futsal then somewhere on this site you will I hope be able to look at, see or find what you are looking for.

My Space

We the increase of Myspace more people are now getting there own web-sites and its very easy to update them as well. If you have a myspace then let me know and I will link it up to this site as well.

Fancy A Break

If you are looking for a nice break away from things
I know a nice place to stay in spain.
Here is a link to Simon and Lynn's Place

in Torrevieja,Spain
If you are interested in renting the place contact them direct via their web-site
Its a great place, Torry is a great place to stay,
San Javiour and Alicante Airports are close and only 2 hours from the UK
beech is close, bars are close, pool is outside the front door,
and for me its great as they have a football club as well FC Torrevieja